I'm a pin up loving, beer making, creative writing, whiskey drinking, far far running, weight lifting, crazy haired, adventurer. 

I've just started, but I plan on this being a lifestyle blog, and how I find my way through this mysterious military world. From DIY projects to food and cocktail recipes, or the terrible awful work outs I concoct for myself-- and probably a little bit of soul searching too-- there will be a little bit of everything. 


I used to define myself as a copywriter, straight out of Mad Men. It was more than a job, it was a culture, and it was how I identified myself.

And then everything changed.

I met this guy.  He not only puts up with all my insane antics, but encourages me and then joins in. When he proposed to me, it wasn't a choice. It was a blip in the universe I had to jump at because somehow I have tricked this fantastic man into marrying me. 

He also happens to be in the military, a life which I am constantly confused by and unsure of how I'll fit in.

All I know is, I'm not the average Army Wife. And this is my journey. 

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