Thursday, January 2, 2014


This year we spend NYE at home because we just got back from our honeymoon. After spending all that cash and running around for 10 days it was time to relax- but I still wanted it to be fun/a LITTLE bit special since it's our first married new years and we still live in LA LA land. 

Anyway, I picked up 6 beers that reminded me of different things we did all year and we did a "Tasting" - they aren't the best of beers, but they were (sort of) tied to our year! He really enjoyed it as I revealed each new beer, and I think it's something we'll start doing every year and I'll get on it in advance rather than having the idea at the grocery store.

REDHOOK ESB- We started off the new year moving hubby from his home town in Seattle to Fort Rucker, where he'd be starting training to be a helicopter pilot. 

LANDSHARK LAGER- In springtime he proposed by reenacting our first day and taking me beer tasting. I couldn't find any of the beers we tried, but this is what we drank on the beach of our hotel after!

SUNSET WHEAT- Several months after the proposal, I moved down to Alabama from Chicago to get married. It was incredible difficult for me to leave Chicago, and though this isn't a Chicago beer it was close enough!

RED FARMHOUSE ALE- At our wedding in Pensacola, our friends brought us hubby's favorite area beer McGuire's Red. Since that wasn't available I grabbed this red. Felt like a bad decision because we drank it while playing the Planet Earth drinking game and I had to chug the whole thing. Blech. 

LONGBOARD ISLAND LAGER- We finished off the year on our honeymoon on the island of Curacao, where I over indulged in drinking Amstel Bright (tastes kind of like corona). Since that's pretty impossible to find, we celebrated with an "island" beer!

BECKS- Since we recently found out we'll be moving to Germany for three years this spring, this beer was about looking forward, rather than looking back. I have fond memories from living in Hamburg, Germany yelling to the bartender over the music DREI BECKS BITTE!!!! 

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