Wednesday, January 15, 2014


So it's 2am and I've been working on my portfolio and I thought I'd take a break and have some fun.

Since we're moving to Deutschland, I've been learning German. I pick up language pretty fast, but that doesn't mean it's not confusing.

When I first lived in Germany my Germany room mate told me a story. He said when he was learning English he went to NYC. They went out to dinner, and he ordered a steak. I don't know what he said in German, but what he said in English was 'I would like to become a steak."

I had a similar experience out there. I remember coming home and being very excited because I had ordered a turkey sandwich in German and Lo and Behold! I got it!

When I repeated what I had said to my room mate he laughed and laughed.

Apparently I said "I have the breasts of a turkey." Which would explain a lot.

Here's a few things I'm learning.

Meine Familie hat hunger

Direct Translation: My family has hunger

Actual Translation: My family is hungry

Sehen sie es?

Direct translation: See they it?

Actual Translation: Do they see it?

Es geht uns gut

Direction Translation: It go us good

Direct Translation 2: It goes good with us

Actual Translation: We are fine

Ich verstehe nur Bahnof

Direct Translation: I understand only train station

Actual Translation: It's as clear as mud to me.

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