Wednesday, December 4, 2013


At this time last year, I just got done doing a pin-up themed photo shoot. It was one of the best things I've ever done for myself- even though it was a Christmas gift for my husband-then-boyfriend.

In September, he left for three months of training, during which time we were not allowed to speak save for a handful of 30 minute phone calls (all which went by too fast) and letters. Because of his schedule he was only allowed to write me five letters, and I wrote him twice a day. 

And the only thing he wanted for Christmas was pictures of me, so I decided to go all and get boudoir photos.

I was a little worried because I'm pretty uncomfortable with my body. Even  though I had lost about 15 pounds for the shoot I still didn't feel all that good about it. I don't even like wearing bikinis, and I hate most photos of myself fully clothed-  how was I supposed to take photos half naked? 

I spent months planning. I gathered three outfits- One a corset from Victoria's Secret, one an "Army outfit" where I ordered a short camo skirt, pasties, patches with his last name on them, his old unit patch etc, and the last one was just an american flag and some starry underwear. Eeep. 

My friend came down from Milwaukee to do my hair and I learned how to do Pin Up make up from the girls at the Mac Counter at Macys (and bought quite a lot of stuff too as well as gained a fun new obsession for fake lashes). 

It was a lot of cash, but what I received in the end, to me, was mind blowing and priceless. It was more than just photos, it was self confidence I never really had. And for the first time in my life, I really felt pretty. 

Lori, the photographer, made me not only feel comfortable, but gorgeous while she was doing the shoot. It was amazing. I was at ease, happy, and excited. 
I think EVERY girl should go out and get these done. Whether big or small, short or tall, for a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse or just for you. It is the best, most uplifting experience and gift you can give yourself (not to mention your significant other might enjoy them too!). 

I was a little nervous about posting these photos, especially the one with the flag, thinking things like "What would my mother say?, Would I want my family to see these? Will people think these are supposed to be private?" But in the end, I love them, I am proud of them, and they are just as much for me as they are for him. 

If you're looking for the lady who did my photos, her name is Lori  and her studio is called Revival Pin Ups in Chicago. I also hear the lady who did my wedding photos, Beth - Endless Expressions Photography By Beth does some too and she's in Pensacola. 

It's only been a year and I'm already thinking about when I want to do one again. 

Get on it girls! 


  1. These are beautiful! I truly think every woman should have at least one all about them photoshoot in their life. The feeling it brings you and the confidence it brings out is incredible. I have done shoots before and loved every second!!!!

    1. Thanks! It was so much fun, and I'm in fact planning a shoot to tell the story of my tattoos with Beth from endless expressions! I'm pretty excited about it, and it's a nice treat for myself!