Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brooch Bouquets: The biggest, most worth it pain in the butt

Since I posted my gorge wedding photo thanks to Endless Expressions Photography By Beth I've gotten a lot of compliments and people who were interested in making it.

The brooch bouquet, in theory, was a fantastic idea. We were having a sort of last-minute wedding with only 11 people while we waiting for the right time to have a big bash. I was really sad I wouldn't get to have all my friends and family there, so I asked everybody to send me a brooch so I would remember them on my big day. And it looked easy (which it was) but also crazy time consuming.

Things you need:
Glue gun
A crap ton of brooches (I picked up a kit off etsy)
Styrofoam Ball
Spray Paint (Metallic of any color)
Wooden Dowel (Bouquet holder)
Extra pins

Things I also got:
I went to Michael's and went wild in the Bridal section with all things pearls.
A "3d" ribbon of vitage flowers
Ivory fabric for the flowers
Pearl topped pins
Glitzy buttons

1) You need a theme or it'll look like a mess. Pick a color scheme, or the beach, etc. I chose vintage flowers and pearls to match my dress, jewelry, and hair.

2) I spent several hours in front of the TV making "vintage flowers" of different size.
This is how I did it - after I glued it I attached them with pearl-topped pins to a piece of Styrofoam
Here's another way if you're boring and don't like fire. 

3) During the days that was going, I took a big ball of Styrofoam I got at Michael's, and used metallic silver spray paint. I went over it 3 times.

4) I took my wooden dowel I got at michael's, stuck it into the ball as hard as I could, then determined the proper length for holding it. Because I have a husband with a lot of tools, I asked him to saw off the excess. Then I put a ton of glue in the hole, and stuck in the wood (that's what she said).

5) After the wood dried for about 10 min, I pinned down the flowers along one side.

6) Whoever sent me the brooches on etsy took off the backs because she said it would make it easier, all I had to do was got a set of pins and glue it to the back of the brooch and then stick it into the ball. This proved time wasting and frustrating, so I just picked out a brooch, fitted it in the area, and glued the whole thing down. Sometimes I had to unglue it and move it around, but that was rare and it didn't muck anything up too much.

7) As I glued, I worked in the brooches from my family and friends. Most of the time I tried to put them over the "brooch base" of the brooches I got from etsy, but sometimes they were pretty big so I gave them a space of their own.

8) I wrapped light blue ribbon around the stick twice, gluing it as I went. Once that dried, I wrapped the  feeling, "3d" flower ribbon around it.

9) In the wedding section at Michael's I got long strings of pearls and attached them to the base, so that when I held the bouquet it looked like a pearly waterfall.

10) The tule I bought ended up coming in many round sheets, so I bunched them up and used the pearl pins to put them in place by the base and over the start of the "pearly waterfall." Then I glued the sparkly buttons going down the stick on top of the ribbon.

11) Lastly, I took pearl pins, and pinned down pearl embellishments all over. Then, I filled in any holes the brooches left with the pearl pins.

It took a lot of hours, and one awesome Man of Honor to help get it done. But Phew, we got there and despite it all I was so happy with the result, and I can't wait to use it in our big wedding!

Pretty Photos of the bouquet and the photo of myself and patient hubs done by Endless Expressions by Beth Photography. Call her up if you're ever in Pensacola!

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