Tuesday, November 19, 2013


So far in my personal training studies one of the most valuable things I've learned has been stabilization.

It was something I didn't even think about- whether doing squats, snatches, running, or just naturally falling down a lot because I'm clumsy- stabilization has a big part in how much and how well you can do.

For instance I was doing dumbbell snatches in the gym and I was tired. The dumbbell got almost above my head and then I lost my balance and almost fell over.

It also works the same in running The better stabilization your core has (strength too), the less energy you will use while you run.

I can't always fit in a work out, or I'm just too lazy and unmotivated. However, when I can work out in front of the TV, I find that I don't feel as crappy. Here's some stuff I do in my hotel room and at home- usually during commercials-- and then you won't feel so shitty about that glass of pinot noir you're drinking during the show!

Do these all in HIGH REPS. I like to do 12-15.

I apologize for the bad photos. I originally wanted to take ones of me doing it but with my crazed schedule lately I haven't had time. 


Ball Bridge: Instead of doing a regular bridge, do it on a stability ball. While it's 
harder to do, by increasing the challenge it'll strengthen your posture over all (and also, if
 you do it in a circuit, help burn fat!)

Ball Cobra: This isn't all that difficult but it feels get and when you do it in high reps you'll feel it later. Plus I like to pretend I'm a cobra snake ready to pounce. HIISSSSS! EFF YOU FAT! I WILL POISON AND KILL YOU WITH MY AB VENOM!

Side Plank: Often we forget that our core is more than just the front abs.
 It's glutes and diaphragm and side abs too!


Single Leg Windmill: This shit is hard. It just is.

Reverse knee lunges: This is technically balance "strength" not stabilization but they are great. 
And it gets difficult after awhile. I always find myself thinking really hard about these.

Single Leg Hops: This is balance and power. They are relatively easy 
to do but after a little bit the difficulty adds up.


Ball Push-ups: I am TERRIBLE at these. I tend to let myself drop down and just try to 
push myself up. I'm pretty bad but I'm going to be excited the day I get it right. Don't 
get discouraged if you can't do them, just scale down and try it from your knees. 


Single Leg Overhead press: I just think these are fun because I feel like
 I'm getting some strength in even though the load is light.


Ball Hamstring Curls: You WILL feel this in your butt!

Source: Photos from NASM Essentials of Personal Training Fitness, Fourth Edition revise

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