Wednesday, November 27, 2013


On Veterans day this year, a group of elementary school students drew cards and sent them to Joel as a thank you.

I knew they were coming, and honestly I didn't think I'd be so touched to see them.

While I complain about all the crappy things going on in America, I am proud of everything Joel does. When we get into arguments about how I'd rather move to Sweden, he reminds me that "I'm not fighting for the government or their policies. When I step out the door, it's to protect the people I love, and the people of this country who need me." - Even though I know part of that is to fly cool helicopters :)

It's really amazing to see stuff like this, because it grounds me and makes me remember why I'm here and stuck in Alabama. Even if I don't believe being a military wife is "the toughest job in the world" (because it is NOT a job, it's marriage and it's done for love), I do realize I'm needed to do what I do. Waking up with him at 4am to make him coffee, and to sit on the couch with him at night is important,  being there to love and support him is important, because it's what keeps him going and able to his job.

Thank you kiddies, for all the photos. A special letter and drawing is coming your way!

And thank you, Joel, because you're my hero too. (awwwww sapppppppy)

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