Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I've been struggling a lot with whether to decorate the house since I'm only here for a few short months. In the end I decided to just do it. Even though it feels like a time waster, it's nice to make it feel a little more like home.

When I lived in Seattle I had gathered all these music posters from various film shoots I'd been on, and when I got to Chicago I wanted each one to have a totally different black or white frame. Too bad there's no such frame size that exists for this stuff, and custom made would have been expensive.

In fact, frames in general were expensive. So I said EFF it and found another way.

Instead I went to Blick- an arts and crafts store down town Chicago, and picked up a bunch of clips. I clipped them to the poster, and the hung it on a small nail on the wall.

My wall in Chicago was really long so they were spread out and looked really nice.

One of my more recent additions- the Wolf Poster, was one of two posters from my last show in
Chicago- Murder by Death, Larry and his Flask, and The Blind Staggers. The second poster was
#15/100 in existence. I'm not a poster collector but I thought that was pretty sweet. 

And the best part was packing them, and putting them back up was the easiest thing ever. I just stacked them neatly and put them all in a picture box. Then, all I had to do was put a nail in the wall and hang it again- and you don't have to even try to make it straight because they just fall that way.

I put them all up in my "Reading Nook" - the room with the corner bar, big screen TV and a huge comfy chair.

Unfortunately I had some poor planning. Since being in Chicago I've gotten a lot more pieces- like the washboard I bought at an art show.

Bought at 4Miles 2Memphis Art Show, owned by Danielle of American Pickers,
my best friend and drummer of the band S.S. Web played in during their set.
And I still have 2 more albums to add. Everything looks really cluttered right now. The simple solve is to spread it out over two walls, but again, considering we're leaving in 3 months I think I'll leave it and just remember for the next house.

There's tons of other ways to do this, and I am looking at a few ways to do it with my wedding photos. I found this website and I have some plans for our new house in El Paso.

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