Wednesday, November 6, 2013


At least a decade ago, my mom bought this and put it in the back of my closet, only to be used for odds and ends and never to see the light of day. But, it was a cool piece so I took it with me.

With my love of crazy make up and pin up hair things growing every day, I thought it'd be a great place to house all my junk. The drawers all all sorts of sizes, and there are a lot of fun organization aspects to them. It was awesome. Except that the thing is ugly as sin. Just look at those decals.

Dear Husband about died and went to Lowes heaven when I told him I wanted to refurnish it, since I had already told him I NEVER wanted to step foot in the garage/work shop.

I had originally planned on re-painting it grey, with a pattern on the drawers. Because it already had several layers of paint on it we decided to strip it.

We found the most gorgeous cherry wood ever. Well damn. I dropped my idea of painting it and decided to restore the wood. Until we got to the drawers. All except one are made of a weird kind of plywood instead of the pretty cherry, so simple restoration is out unless we want to go buy more wood. Also, there's about a zillion layers of paint, and after stripping it four times there's still a lot of work to do. Not to mention the back of it, and the bottoms of the drawers are made of tin, so we'll have to cut wood for that as well.

I decided it was best to look up some ideas for two-tones furniture, and found some great ideas on the Perfectly Imperfect Blog.

We decided on either painting the drawers a light blue/grey color like shown here, OR contrasting the beautiful cherry with an ebony finish on the drawers.

I also found a great shop on Etsy called DaRosa Creations that has affordable knobs that fit my sort of eccentric style.

Doing this project is the first time I wish I was just a stay-at-home army wife so I could spend all my time doing this, but I guess I'm just going to have to wait until next weekend.

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