Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cocktails Made Mild- Tasty Drinks for Pregnant Ladies

One of my lady friends recently got pregnant, which sucks for both of us because she is a super fun party girl. She's still super fun, but it still sucks to not be able to go out and drink a cocktail with everybody.

So Dear Husband and I decided to remedy that.

We came up with non-alcoholic drinks that mimic regular cocktails, and made a basket with all the ingredients. I also learned how to make different flavored simple syrups to give the different tastes, and they are pretty fun to play around with.

I poorly designed a recipe book, printed it out and stapled it. If I had more time, I would have printed it out on card stock, three hole punched the side and made binders out of ribbons. Sadly I suck, but there's a good idea for you.

Here's some of the recipes. Also I love crappy fonts. I don't care. This was is called Angelic War. Whatevers. Haters gonna hate.

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