Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I made a stand for the topper of my bachelorette cake. You can make a stand for anything, this happens to be for a penis. My mom said to get rid of it's because it's gross but she has no sense of humor. 

My friends threw me an awesome, Pin Up themed bachelorette party, with this amazing penis cake. 

They also made all the girls pin up hair pieces (mine was extra big and feathery), as well as gave everyone black eyeliner and red lipstick. It was amazing. 

Afterwards, I couldn't let all this awesome go to waste and I wanted to save it and put it in our bar room (called my Reading Nook). The problem, however, is how do you make a penis on a stick stand up and not look weird. BUT I MEAN LOOK AT HOW COOL IT IS. 


So I soldiered on and made a stand for it. Really you can make a stand for anything. Flowers, wine bottles, etc. Whatever you can glue to a stick and put in styrofoam. That said, get a styrofoam something. Mine is square. Then take spraypaint and coat the whole thing. I like shiney stuff so I used metalic silver.

Next, since I'm trying to match my Pin Up Penis, I went to michaels and got studded ribbon. There's no real fabric to it, it's just straight up bling which is nice since it's not real see through. Then I took hot glue and glued it down in rows and on top until the whole thing was covered. 

Once covered I took my hair piece and pinned it down using pearl topped pins, so it would look pretty still. I also used a pin to keep the veil swirled in place. 

And then, of course, the penis goes last!

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