Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Sorry if this sounds a little distracted. Someone is making WOOKIE noises in my office, and I'm not even wearing my wookie vest.


Two weekends ago we went to the Marine Corp Ball. Dear Husband is in the Army now,  but "Once A Marine, Always a Marine"- which means :

1) I get to buy a pretty gown and get pampered
2) He HAS to dance with me
3) I'm allowed to be drunk and crazy, just not THE drunkest or craziest.

It was exactly what I needed because Fort Rucker, etc, is more boring than everyone who actually likes bowling, and the dive bars are stickier than a computer screen 1 minute into pornhub.

Before the ball we went out to dinner with several couples. I applauded myself for being well behaved, engaged, and almost completely nonjudgemental. I did not once roll my eyes and even enjoyed snippets of conversation.

When we got to the ball I was introduced to one of the wives who'd been on the far end of the table. She started off the conversation with "Ohhh so YOU'RE the one who hates military wives!"


Even though she didn't mean it negatively, because she's just as TMI as I am, that wasn't a reputation I exactly wanted to garnish. Not because it matters to Dear Husband's career (Even though people say it does, EFF that.) but because I'd rather be known as the fun, crazy girl and not the crazy bitch.

Then later I met "Jane" - Myself from a few months ago. She lives in San Diego where her boyfriend had been stationed when they started dating, and now she flies down to Pensacola to visit him.

The first thing she told me was how she didn't like military wives and didn't want to be one, etc.

And get this: I was freaking offended. Because I'm a military wife. 

I mean, WTF. Where did that come from?  I've been refusing to be all along and here I am at the Marine Corps Ball playing nice and smiling on Dear Husband's arm and I'm offended.

AHHHHH.  It's happened.

After a few minutes of crazed internal arguments and probably looking insane I remembered how difficult the transition was and still is.  I struggled for months before we even got engaged because I found the idea of being an Army Wife nauseating. The lack of control I'd have in my career, where I'd live, and everyone with babies was enough to make my head reel.

So I told her about all of that, and how now I still have my career (even if it's 3 hours away), and honestly, it's all worth it.

It's sounds gross and goopy but there's few things that make me happier than sitting on the couch with my hubs.

Just don't expect me to get any "Go Army Wife" bumper stickers.

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